Switch-Pro SP-9100 mount for 21+ Ford Raptor Gen3 and F150

Price: $75.00

This custom mount replaces the factory sunglass holder in the '21+ Ford Raptor, as well as the '21+ Ford F150, and '23+ F-250 and F350. These are high quality 3d printed using an extremely strong carbon fiber reinforced plastic.

There are two options for the SP-9100. One is the standard length communication cable (the cable that connects between the switch panel and the underhood control module). The other option is an extended cable that makes the installation on the F150/Raptor much easier. This way you can run the wire fromt he overhead console, down the A-pillar, through the grommet (in the passenger floor board), then up the frame rail to the battery area to the control module. The black color of them matches the factory interior plastic very well. 

To learn more about the awesome SP-9100, check out my Youtube video here. Instructions can be downloaded here.

Color: Black. Orange one pictured is just to show what piece it is.