Raptor Glossary

So maybe your new to the Raptor world, or maybe you’re not, but you just read something that made you question your standing in the random world of a Raptor owner. Well let’s get edumakated shall we?

Cam Phaser The arch-nemesis of the EcoBoost. Cam phasers are used to control the variable cam timing (VCT). The phasers have been plagued with problems. When they go bad, you can hear an audible rattle at idle, especially on cold starts. Ford had warrantied lots of them. They have supposedly redesigned it numerous times. Trucks as new as 2019 still have them go bad.


Refers to adding a roll-cage on the interior of the truck. Defiantly recommended when going full LT.


References fake Raptor grills on non-raptor trucks that literally say DOOD or DODD due to not being able to say FORD for licensing reasons. Expect drama when DOOD is referenced.


Electric Locking Rear Differential


the physical electric coil (aka solenoid) that activates the rear diff lock.


Refers to front bumper requires cutting 6-7” off front frame horns


Forscan is free software that you can use to modify tons of parameters. You'll need an OBDII adapter (USB or Bluetooth) to connect it. It's a great way to get rid of the stupid auto start/stop and the mind numbing double honk when you get out of your truck with the key in your pocket. Oh, make sure you say "Forscan" slow or your buddies will look at you really weird.


Fake Raptor or F150 trying to look like a Raptor

Glass, or glassed

Refers to aftermarket fiberglass widened front fenders and bed sides. Required when going long travel.


Intercooler or Front Mount Intercooler. The Ecoboosts use an air to air intercooler that is mounted behind the center grill in the front bumper. They often get changed out to one that mounts behind the radiator grill. Reasons can be, to accommodate one of our winch setups, an aftermarket bumper, or just for more horsepower!


Integrated wheel end. Aka from hub

Lead Foot

A gray color that appeared on the 2018 Raptor, then re-appeared on the 2020.


Long Travel. Long travel suspension is when you upgrade to long enough shocks that you need to cut off your front shock mounts and re-weld new ones. Look at spending ~$30k+


As opposed to long travel, mid is when you upgrade the suspension with new shocks, upper and lower front control arms, but keep the stock shock buckets. Rear would be through the bed.

Through the bed

3.5” (or larger) shocks that are long enough that you need to cut out part of the bed at the fender wells. Then you mount the upper end of the shock to an aftermarket bed rack.


Those growths that are fun to pick at you think? Na, just supercab or what any mortal would consider an extended cab


Just “super crew”, aka 4 door

Send it, sent it

Means jumping. Seems to come from sniper spotters telling their partner to shoot.


aka Starbucks aka the joke that just keeps giving. And giving. Somehow refers to Raptor drivers that use their truck to only go get coffee or drive to the mall. Actually, nobody really knows why it’s used on nearly a daily basis. But somehow it’s still funny... or is it?


Usually refers to the switches that are available to controls lights and other accessories. Also can be referring to a shop that adds accessories.