Ram TRX Front Hidden Winch Mount


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Add a winch to your 2021+ Ram TRX!! COMING SOON!


This hidden mount lets you put a winch on your truck with very little modification. This kit includes the winch mount and hardware necessary.

We recommend the Warn ZEON Platinum winch due to its robustness and wireless remote that now only allows you to winch in and out wirelessly, but also lets you engage and disengage the freespool clutch! Which is the only one on the market to do that. It's also very important because with a hidden winch like this, it would be very difficult to reach the freespool clutch lever on a regular winch.

Here's a link to the install video (shown here on the RAM, I will make an updated one with the TRX as soon as possible): https://youtu.be/atdhOh_OJhE

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