Ford Raptor Gen2 Hidden Rear Winch Mount

Price: $399.00

At last there is another option for adding a winch to your 2017+ Ford Raptor. There are a few benefits to running a rear winch over a front (and vice-versa). With the winch out back, it's usually better for self-recovery as you're probably best to go out the way you came in. If you run face into trees for instance, going forward isn't going to be easy. Also, you get the put the weight back as far as possible to help even out the weight distribution. It could also come in handy for winching a vehicle up onto an open car hauler.

While this avoid having to replace (and relocate) the intercooler, you'll need to relocate the spare tire. There are many options for rear spare tire carriers out there.

This complete kit comes with the main mount made out of really heavy duty 5/16" steel, and powder coated for durability. It also includes a full box surround that protects the winch from foreign debris such as stones and winter schmutz that wouldn't be good for the winch. The best winch to run is the Warn Zeon 12-s Platinum. This is a synthetic line winch, with a remote control for not only the line-in/line-out, but also for the free-spool clutch and 12v accessories. One such accessory is the option drum light. This handy feature is a light that mounts above the drum so you can see how the line is spooling onto the winch. 

You'll need to extend the wires that come off the winch. Obviously the 4-5' leads that the winch comes with aren't going to reach the battery. We added an option for a wire extension kit. This has tinned eyelets on each end on both positive and negative length of 1/0 gauge tinned high quality cable, along with adhesive-lined heat shrink tubing to cover the splice.