Bronco Reverse/Dust Light Bracket

MSRP: $34.95
Price: $29.95
( saved $5.00 )

Here is a super easy way to mount some dust/reverse lights to your 2021+ Ford Bronco. Just loosen 2 bolts (per side) slip the brackets on, tighten, and install your favorite lights. 

This bracket can be installed 2 different ways. 
-Orientation 1: The lights can be completely below the bumper, which works good for pointing them straight back (level).
-Orientation 2: The lights can tuck up behind the bumper. This is ideal if you'd like the best departure angle and protect the lights a little more. This way will probably require the lights to point downward at a slight angle.

Should fit most auxiliary lights. The Baja Designs S1 or S2's are our favorites! There are slots that fit a 3/8" bolt (S2's), or slots for 1/4" bolts (S1's).

Comes with 2 Pieces. Made in the USA out of 14ga Stainless Steel.