Raptor Runs

We like to support the off-road community. Here's a list of off-road "Raptor-Runs". i'll try to keep them updated as much as possible. Since schedules change frequently (due to weather, forest fires, ect), please check on each groups page.





Membership Req'd?


Notes/Common Locations

GLRE Off-Road (Great Lakes Raptor Events) The infamous SnoBall Mid January No -see site One of the largest runs ever. Typically 100-120 Raptors in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan in January makes for a truly unique experience! It usually sells out within an hour.
TORR (The Off-Road Revolution)     No -see site Best known for the Durhamton. Located in Union Point, GA
Arizona Raptor Runs Schedule    Yes   Like the name says, these are mostly in Arizona, or the close surrounding areas (possibly southern Utah and Nevada).
RADDrives Schedule      Varies Runs typically consist of 2 to 3 day runs in Nevada, Utah, Arizona, Wyoming, Idaho, and California
Expedition Off-Road (EXO) Schedule
  Varies per event  Varies Very active group that has lots of events in California and Baja Mexico. Some events require a membership. 
Texas Raptor Run         It has been one of the largest gatherings of Raptors in the past. Check out their Facebook page for the most current information.