SwiftMOD 2wd Raptor Diff Lock Module

Price: $299.00

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*Gen3 (21+) note: we’re still working on them. Ford seemed to change things and it may take a different module. We will update this when we figure more out. Thanks!

Finally!! a way to lock your rear e-locker on all Ford Raptors in 2wd!! This module is a "stand-alone" unit that you connect to your own switch (upfitter switch or one from say a Switch-Pro output). Unfortunately there is no way to enable the factory push button on the 4wd knob, and the indicator on that won't come on. This module also has the "smarts" to turn off and use the factory diff lock controller if you activate it in 4wd. So in other words, they won't be competing, which would lead to bad things. Installation is pretty simple. There are 4 wires. You need to only cut one wire on your factory wire harness. To do it the much-prefered method, it's best to crimp the included Delphi connectors. If you don't have a pair of crimpers, these are a great addition to your tool box. 

NOTE: It is highly recommended to turn off Advance-Trac when using this. We won't be held liable for any shinanigans that happen while using this module.

Wire colors on the "SWiftMOD" (the SwarfWorks Drift Mod:

Green = Upfitter output or Switch-Pro output (upfitter 5 or 6 work great as they are fused at 5A).
Black = Ground. There is a convieneint ground location near where this module gets located.
Yellow = Transfer case control module side of the wire to be cut (TCCM).
Purple = Electronic Locking Differential side of the wire to be cut (ELD).

Installation instructions