Ford Raptor Front Camera Reloaction Kit 2021+

Price: $99.00

Here is a great way to keep your 360 camera fully operational when you add a front light bar on your Gen3 Ford Raptor. It replaces the facotry camera housing with one that sticks out of the grille to clear your lights.

Made of 3d Printed Carbon Fiber infused ASA for high heat, and UV stability. Reuses the factory camera and washer nozzle. Also includes a piece of hose to extend the washer line.

Installation requires removing and dissasembling the grille. The wires are just long enough but require a little rerouting to make it work.

The bottom is partially open to run wires out of for a clean light install, and so the wires don't scratch your grille.

Please note, this is meant to be used with larger LP9-sized lights so the camera hides in between them. If you used this on a truck with say XL80's or smaller lights, it would look a little, well, manlier if you know what I mean.